The Musical Theory 2 F.A.M.E. Project

The Musical Theory 2 F.A.M.E. Project is an 8- week program where 10-15 students ages ranging from 13-17 years old will be given an in-depth educational experience: subjects spanning from Business Etiquette, Financial Literacy, Audio Production, Composing, Songwriting, Leadership Development, and Entrepreneurialism. This project aims to harness the power and skills engendered by creative and artistic expression while also developing necessary skills such as: scholarly activity, entrepreneurial spirit, leadership, business etiquette and financial literacy. We are entering the third of year of this project and we are looking to take it to another level by leveraging our new facility, The Creative Lakay, and all of its resources.


Eneida Mural Project Collaboration

The creative arts have the capacity to bring all walks of life together, therefore, the possible impact creativity can leave on a community is infinite. With unemployment, violence and crime currently at alarming levels, Foundation 2 F.A.M.E. embarked on a journey to collaborate on a project that would positively affect young students in under privileged neighborhoods. The RAW Project brought together over 30 international artists to do museum worthy murals on the walls of Eneida M. Hartner Elementary. We collaborated with them towards the end of the project to ensure it was completed and participated in the press tour event by speaking on behalf of the neighborhood and Eneida M. Hartner Elementary.


F.A.M.E After School Program

Eneida M. Hartner Elementary is a Title 1 school located in the heart of the Wynwood Art District in Miami, Florida and serves students from Pre Kindergarten to Fifth Grade. Similar to other schools located in at-risk neighborhoods, Eneida Hartner needed support to supplement the current music and arts curriculum. After meeting with the Principal of Eneida and the After School Program Manager, Dr. Derick McKoy and Ms. Emily Gamboa, Foundation 2 F.A.M.E. began collaborating with the after school program midway through the 2016-2017 school year in January 2017. Our curriculum focuses on creative subjects ranging from Music Theory, Improv, Creative Writing, Dance, Art, and Science. November 2017 marks the beginning of the second year of this program, we expect to see growth form the students involved as well as expansion to support other schools in the city. Currently we are slated to begin working with Downtown Miami Charter and their Students in early 2018.



HalloWynwood Haunted House

On October 31, 2016 with held our first HalloWynwood Haunted House at Roberto Clemente Park located in the neighborhood area of Wynwood in Miami, Florida. Foundation 2 F.A.M.E collaborated with the Wynwood/Edgewater NET Office, the Wynwood Coloring Book, the Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce, The City of Miami Parks & Recreation, The City of Miami Police Department, and District 5 Commissioner Keon Hardemon’s office to organize a family friendly event during Halloween to engage the community of Wynwood and provided a safe haven for kids to have fun. The event brought in over 350 kids to enjoy all of the festivities that night including: face paining, arts and craft, music, a pumpkin patch, community information provided by NET, and of course the main attraction the haunted house.